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Illinois Traffic School

In Illinois, taking a state approved Traffic School course will help you to learn traffic laws and safe driving techniques. Moreover, if you recently received a traffic ticket, taking a Illinois Traffic School course, will help you with ticket dismissal, eliminating points on your driving record/history, and expensive rate hikes on your auto insurance plan.

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Illinois Approved Traffic School Online
  • Court approved ticket dismissal
  • Pay only if you pass
  • 100% interactive online course
Traffic School in Illinois and Illinois's Traffic School Requirements

Traffic School in Illinois

Around 96% of men and women just pay their ticket if they receive a traffic ticket. If you complete an Illinois traffic school training course instead of paying your violation, you may avoid having points to your driving record and having costlier car insurance rates for many years. Not only will using traffic school dismiss your traffic violation, it will help you be a far better driver.

During your Illinois traffic school course, you'll learn information and facts about secure driving and dismiss your ticket. To get started, call the court to inquire about if you could take traffic school. After which just sign up for an online traffic school course. The course is full of helpful tips about preventing accidents, potential traffic infractions, plus much more. Not only is a web based traffic school program stress-free, it is fast and pleasurable.

The Best Way to Enroll in Illinois Traffic School

The process of choosing and signing up for a Illinois traffic school training course online is uncomplicated. Your traffic violation will be dismissed when you abide by these basic steps so you will not need to worry about your insurance costs growing.

  1. Step one will be locating the contact information for the court, which happens to be on your citation. Phone the court to ask if traffic school is an option for you.
  2. The instant you've got court authorization to do traffic school, enroll in a Illinois traffic school course that is approved by the state.
  3. To dismiss your ticket, finish the traffic school training course ahead of your deadline. Make sure to pay attention during the course because you will have to pass an exam at the end of the course with an 80% of higher. If you decide to use our online course you can take the exam as many times as needed.
  4. As soon as you complete the course you'll be given a completion certificate. This completion certificate must be sent to the court to finish dismissing your citation.

Illinois Traffic Violations, Points, and Driver License Suspensions

To keep track of citations and potential dangerous motorists, the state of Illinois uses a point system. For drivers, this means that each time they receive a moving violation points are added to their record, and in turn cause their insurance rates to rise. Additionally, points can sometimes trigger license suspension or revocation. Use the information below to learn more about the Illinois point system.

  • Reckless Driving: 55 points
  • Squealing or screeching of tires: 10 points
  • Driving too fast for conditions: 10 points
  • Speeding 1 to 10mph over: 5 points
  • Speeding 11 to 14mph over: 15 points
  • Speeding 15 to 25mph over: 20 points
  • Speeding more than 25mph over: 50 points
  • Exceeding the maximum speed limit in a school zone: 20 points
  • Driving below the minimum speed limit: 5 points
  • Driving below the minimum speed limit on an Illinois tollway: 20 points
  • Not driving in the right-hand lane when proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic: 20 points
  • Exceeding the maximum speed limit on a bridge or elevated structure: 10 points

Using traffic school can even be a strategy to prevent losing your driver's license. Considering that points do not show on your driving record when you take traffic school, you don't have to be worried about losing your driver's license from getting a great number of tickets. Better understand information about driver's license suspension in Illinois with the information below.

  • 15 to 44 points: 2-month suspension
  • 45 to 74 points: 3-month suspension
  • 75 to 89 points: 6-month suspension
  • 90 to 99 points: 9-month suspension
  • 100 to 109 points: 12-month suspension
  • 110 or more points: 12-month revocation

Auto Insurance Discounts for Completing Traffic School

In search of more cost-effective car insurance? Quite a few insurance providers give reduced prices to people should they take traffic school. Because completing traffic school could make you an improved driver, insurance companies are ready to give you a lower price tag. It is smart to contact your insurance firm first to guarantee they provide you with a reduction in price. Go ahead and take traffic school training course and submit your certificate of completion to your insurance company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking traffic school / defensive driving online?

There are many benefits to taking traffic school or defensive driving online. If you have a ticket, you will be able to dismiss your ticket, avoid having points added to your driving record, and ensure that your insurance rates do not increase. You will also learn valuable driving information such as tips on driving safely and refresh your knowledge on the rules of the road. If you have not received a ticket, you can have your insurance rates decrease as a result of taking traffic school online. For anyone who takes traffic school or defensive driving, they will learn invaluable information to stay safe on the road.

How long do I have to take traffic school / defensive driving?

This depends on the state and court from which you received your traffic ticket. In most states you will have anywhere between 30-60 days to complete your traffic school or defensive driving course. If you find yourself very close to the deadline for finishing your traffic school or defensive driving course, you are able to order expedited shipping so that your certificate of completion can arrive on time to the courthouse.

How much will my insurance company discount my insurance premiums for taking traffic school?

It depends on your auto insurance company so it is important to reach out and ask your provider. However, most insurance companies will discount your insurance anywhere from 5-15% for completing an online traffic school course.

Is there expedited shipping if I need my certificate of completion quickly?

Yes. If you find yourself in need of fast shipping because the due date of your ticket is fast approaching, there are many shipping options ranging from standard shipping to overnight shipping to make sure your certificate of completion arrives on time.

How do I know if my court will let me take traffic school or defensive driving?

The easiest way to know if the court will allow you to take traffic school for your ticket is to contact the court and ask. However, in some states you can find information on your ticket that tells you whether or not traffic school online is a viable way to dismiss a ticket.

How do I take traffic school for insurance reduction?

The first thing to do is to pick up the phone and call your auto insurance provider to make certain that they will allow you to take traffic school to receive a discount on your auto insurance. Once you know you can get a discount, just find your state on the insurance discount page and register for the insurance discount traffic school program in your state.

Is there a test at the end of the traffic school course?

It depends on your state and course if there is a test required at the end of a traffic school course. If there is, there will be plenty of places throughout the course where you will be able to practice and if for some reason you do not pass the traffic school exam, you will be able to re-take it.

How does traffic school or defensive driving help with ticket dismissal?

In many states, the court will allow you to take a traffic school or defensive driving course online or in person to dismiss a ticket. First, you need to reach out to the court listed on your ticket and make sure you can use traffic school / defensive driving for ticket dismissal. Be sure you are clear on what type of traffic school course you need to take. Once you have permission from the court, use the register now button to sign up for traffic school online or defensive driving in your state.

How do I sign up for traffic class?

It is very easy to sign up for online traffic school. Once you have permission from your court, just choose your state on our traffic school page, and hit register now. You will enter your court, ticket, and personal information and you are ready to begin.

What if I need extra time to complete my traffic school?

You can reach out to the court and ask for an extension if you do not believe you will be able to complete the course by the due date assigned. However, one benefit of using an online traffic school course if that you can take it at any time and even request expedited shipping if you need your certificate in a hurry.

Got a ticket? Dismiss your traffic citation and lower your insurance rates