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Pennsylvania Traffic School

In Pennsylvania, taking a state approved Traffic School course will help you to learn traffic laws and safe driving techniques. Moreover, if you recently received a traffic ticket, taking a Pennsylvania Traffic School course, will help you with ticket dismissal, eliminating points on your driving record/history, and expensive rate hikes on your auto insurance plan.

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Pennsylvania Approved Traffic School Online
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Traffic School in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania's Traffic School Requirements

Traffic School in Pennsylvania

Were you the recipient of a Pennsylvania traffic violation? You'll be able to avoid the harmful consequences of your traffic ticket by registering for a state authorized traffic school training course. Dismissing a ticket with traffic school will ensure you do not have your car insurance rates increase as a consequence of added points against your driver's record. One more reward is that you also learn about to become a better driver.

You can easily take traffic school in Pennsylvania. To enroll you simply need to get authorization from the court and enroll in an in person or web based traffic school course. In the training course you'll find out how to prevent accidents, traffic tickets, and many tips to become a better motorist. Not only is the web based traffic school program stress-free, it is quick and entertaining.

How to Take Pennsylvania Traffic School

Completing a state accepted Pennsylvania traffic school is simpler than you might think. Just complete a few simple steps and you can steer clear of the expensive consequences of your traffic violation and also have your citation dismissed.

  1. Contact the court from which you were given your traffic violation to find out whether you can take traffic school to dismiss your traffic infraction. The court's contact information is going to be located on your ticket.
  2. Right after having permission from the court, you've got to look for a traffic school that's state authorized. Even though you are able to take your traffic school online or in person, a lot of people like web based classes much better. Then using your traffic ticket info, enroll for the program.
  3. Finish the Pennsylvania traffic school program. The course will last about 6 hours, although the online traffic school option is untimed. At the end of the course there will be a final exam and you need a score of 80%.
  4. To confirm you completed the course, you'll receive a completion certificate Finally, you must bring the certificate of completion to the court.

Pennsylvania Traffic Violations, Points, and Driver License Suspensions

To make sure that drivers who continually break traffic laws are not on the road, the Pennsylvania DOT uses a point system. Under the PennDOT point system, each traffic violation comes with a certain number of points and those points are added to your driving record if you are found guilt y of a violation. As these points amass, your car insurance becomes more expensive and you could lose your license. Learn more about the Pennsylvania points system below.

  • Violating license restrictions (not wearing glasses, for example): 2 points
  • Failure to obey an authorized person directing traffic: 2 points
  • Not stopping at a red light: 3 points
  • Ignoring a flashing red light: 3 points
  • Failure to yield half of roadway to oncoming traffic: 3 points
  • Improper passing on a hill: 4 points
  • All other improper passing: 3 points
  • Tailgating: 3 points
  • All failures to yield: 3 points
  • Ignoring approaching train signals: 2 points
  • Circumventing train gates: 4 points and a 30-day suspension
  • Not stopping for a school bus with flashing red lights: 5 points and 60-day suspension
  • Not stopping when entering from an alley, driveway, or building: 3 points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by six to 10 mph: 2 points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 11 to 15 mph: 3 points and a 15-day suspension if in a work zone
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 16 to 25 mph: 4 points and a 15-day suspension if in a work zone
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 26 to 30 mph: 5 points and a 15-day suspension if in a work zone
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 31 mph or more: 5 points, a 15-day suspension if in a work zone, and possible other penalties as determined by a hearing examiner
  • Challenging posted school zone speed limit: 3 points
  • Not yielding to pedestrian in crosswalk: 2 points
  • Not yielding to blind pedestrian: 3 points
  • Improper backing: 3 points
  • Careless driving: 3 points
  • Leaving the scene of an accident that results in property damage: 4 points

When you collect numerous points in a short time you run the risk of losing your license. The subsequent information on Pennsylvania driver's license suspension illustrates how many points may cause suspension. You in some cases can prevent the loss of your driver's license by taking traffic school.

  • 6 Points or more on your Driving Record 1st Offense: Must pass a written exam or your license will be suspended
  • 6 Points or more on your Driving Record 2nd Offense: PennDOT department hearing and possible suspension for 15 days
  • 6 Points or more on your Driving Record 3rd Offense: PennDOT department hearing and possible suspension for 30 days
  • Excessive Speeding 31 mph or more above speeding limit: PennDOT department hearing and possible suspension for 30 days
  • 11 points or more on your Driving Record 1st Offense: five days per point
  • 11 points or more on your Driving Record 2nd Offense: 10 days per point
  • 11 points or more on your Driving Record 3rd Offense: 15 days per point
  • 11 points or more on your Driving Record 4thOffense: one year
  • Failure to stop for a school bus with red flashing lights: potential 60 day suspension
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol: automatic suspension

Car Insurance Discounts for Completing Traffic School

Want a cheap automobile insurance monthly payment? Many insurance service providers give reduced prices to people should they use traffic school. Insurance firms want their vehicle operators to be safe and automobile accident free so when you utilize a traffic school training course, the majority of insurance carriers will give you a price reduction as you are deepening your familiarity with safe driving policies. Always call up your insurance company first to be sure they offer the discount. If and when they say yes, sign up for an online course and send in your completion certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking traffic school / defensive driving online?

There are many benefits to taking traffic school or defensive driving online. If you have a ticket, you will be able to dismiss your ticket, avoid having points added to your driving record, and ensure that your insurance rates do not increase. You will also learn valuable driving information such as tips on driving safely and refresh your knowledge on the rules of the road. If you have not received a ticket, you can have your insurance rates decrease as a result of taking traffic school online. For anyone who takes traffic school or defensive driving, they will learn invaluable information to stay safe on the road.

What will I learn in a traffic class?

Each and every state has different content in their traffic school or defensive driving courses, however in almost all states you will learn information about traffic laws, traffic signs, safe driving techniques, and ways to avoid accidents and be a safe driver. You will also learn about the consequence of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How does traffic school or defensive driving help with ticket dismissal?

In many states, the court will allow you to take a traffic school or defensive driving course online or in person to dismiss a ticket. First, you need to reach out to the court listed on your ticket and make sure you can use traffic school / defensive driving for ticket dismissal. Be sure you are clear on what type of traffic school course you need to take. Once you have permission from the court, use the register now button to sign up for traffic school online or defensive driving in your state.

When will the court receive my certificate of completion?

Some courts require for you to personally bring-in the certificate of completion, in some cases the traffic school itself will mail or fax the certificate of completion to the court directly. Once you complete an online traffic school course, the certificate of completion will be processed. Depending on the shipping option you choose this could take anywhere from 5-7 days which is standard, to overnight delivery if that is what you need based on your due date.

How do I take traffic school for insurance reduction?

The first thing to do is to pick up the phone and call your auto insurance provider to make certain that they will allow you to take traffic school to receive a discount on your auto insurance. Once you know you can get a discount, just find your state on the insurance discount page and register for the insurance discount traffic school program in your state.

How much will my insurance company discount my insurance premiums for taking traffic school?

It depends on your auto insurance company so it is important to reach out and ask your provider. However, most insurance companies will discount your insurance anywhere from 5-15% for completing an online traffic school course.

Is there a test at the end of the traffic school course?

It depends on your state and course if there is a test required at the end of a traffic school course. If there is, there will be plenty of places throughout the course where you will be able to practice and if for some reason you do not pass the traffic school exam, you will be able to re-take it.

How do I sign up for traffic class?

It is very easy to sign up for online traffic school. Once you have permission from your court, just choose your state on our traffic school page, and hit register now. You will enter your court, ticket, and personal information and you are ready to begin.

How long do I have to take traffic school / defensive driving?

This depends on the state and court from which you received your traffic ticket. In most states you will have anywhere between 30-60 days to complete your traffic school or defensive driving course. If you find yourself very close to the deadline for finishing your traffic school or defensive driving course, you are able to order expedited shipping so that your certificate of completion can arrive on time to the courthouse.

Why should I take traffic school or defensive driving?

There are many reasons that you may want to take traffic school online or defensive driving online. For anyone who recently received a speeding or traffic ticket, you can in most cases use traffic school online to dismiss your ticket and avoid points on your driving record and insurance premium increases. However, if you didn't just receive a ticket, you can still benefit from taking traffic school online. Most auto insurance companies will provide you with a discount of up to 10% if you take traffic school online, not to mention you will learn fun and helpful tips and information about driving.

Got a ticket? Dismiss your traffic citation and lower your insurance rates