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The Importance of a Clean Driving Record

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 by Traffic School

Many people do not realize just how important it is to have a clean driving record, but there are actually many benefits of having and maintaining a clean driving record. The key benefits are:

1.  Lower Auto Insurance Premiums:  Perhaps the greatest benefit of a clean driving record is the fact that your insurance premiums will be much less than someone with marks on their driving record, such as tickets or accidents.   In fact, someone with a clean driving record may pay up to 25% less than someone with just one speeding ticket on their record.

2.  Accident Forgiveness:  Many insurance companies offer accident forgiveness for drivers who have a clean driving record and are involved in their first accident.  Since these drivers have been safe drivers for so long, the insurance companies are willing to provide some leeway for their first accident.

3.  Lower Deductible for Vehicle Insurance:  Many insurance companies will offer not only a lower insurance premium, but also a lower deductible to people with clean driving records.  Having a lower deductible means you have to pay less out of pocket if you are involved in an accident.

4.  More Rental Car Options:  Some rental car companies will not rent to people with multiple violations on their driving record.  Having a clean driving history will allow you to rent from more companies.

5.  Easier Auto Loans:  Some auto loan companies, use a driver’s record as a factor in calculating their auto insurance rates.  They assume  that safer drivers are more responsible in general, and therefore may be willing to offer lower rates or a larger loan.

6.  Career Prospects and Stability:  For people who work in a transportation related job or are looking for work in that industry, having a clean driving record is vital.  Companies will not hire or keep drivers with multiple infractions on their records.

Luckily, if you do not have a clean driving record because your recently got a traffic ticket, you may still have time to save it.  Many states will allow drivers to take a traffic school or defensive driving course to dismiss their ticket and thus avoid points on your record.


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