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Florida Insurance Discount

Looking to reduce the cost of your Florida auto insurance? You can actually take an online traffic school course to have your auto insurance monthly premiums reduced even if you have not received a traffic ticket. Most vehicle insurance companies will provide discounts of up to 15% for successful completion of a Florida traffic school or insurance reduction course.

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Traffic School in Florida and Florida's Traffic School Requirements

Insurance Discount in Florida

Did you know that most insurance companies in Florida will give you an automobile insurance discount for completing a Traffic School course? Since car insurance companies want safer drivers who get in fewer accidents, they reward customers who complete driver education courses with insurance discounts of up to 15% in some states. That means a savings of over $210/year* for the average driver for just a few hours of your time.

Mature Driver's Discount in Florida

Many states offer specific insurance discounts for drivers who are over the age of 55 years old and take a Florida approved mature driver program. The course is designed and written specifically for mature drivers and will help them refresh their driving safety knowledge and skills, as well as prepare for some of the complications that can surface as a mature driver. This discount is only offered in some states and can be as much as 15%. If there is not a mature driver’s program in Florida, you can still opt to take a normal Traffic School course and receive a car insurance discount.

Other Car Insurance Discounts

Although one of the easiest ways to get an insurance discount on your car insurance is to take a traffic school, defensive driving, or mature driver program course; there are additional ways that you can find car insurance discounts. These discounts will be dependent on your car insurance plan.

  • Safe driver discounts
  • Accident free discounts
  • Defensive driver discounts
  • Anti-theft device discounts
  • New vehicle safety discounts
  • Multiple vehicle discounts
  • Multiple policy discounts
  • Good student discount

* Based on the 2011 car insurance average cost of $1400

If you would like to learn more and find out if Florida offers insurance discounts by taking an online Traffic School course, please refer to the recommendations below.

Recommended Auto Insurance Discount Programs in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical insurance discount course cost?

The cost of insurance reduction courses varies significantly from state to state. In general courses can cost between $15 and $150, however the savings on your auto insurance is worth it over time.

Why will my auto insurance provider give me a discount for taking traffic school?

Most auto insurance companies will provide a discount to their clients for taking traffic school courses because they believe it will make them a safer driver. In the course you will refresh your knowledge on traffic laws, traffic signs, and tips on being a safe driver. Insurance companies believe that safer and more knowledgeable drivers e get in less accidents and that is why they provide an auto insurance discount for completing traffic school.

Who is eligible to take traffic school for auto insurance discounts?

Most people are eligible to take traffic school for an auto insurance discount as long as they have not taken traffic school within the last 12 months. The easiest way to find out if you can take traffic school to get a discount on your auto insurance is to contact your insurance provider.

How long does a traffic school course for auto insurance reduction last?

Most traffic school courses for insurance discounts last between 4-8 hours depending on your state and their specific requirements. You may be able to complete it in faster using online insurance discount programs since you can work at your own pace.

How much will a ticket on my driving record affect my insurance cost?

It will depend on your state and the severity of your ticket, but in most states a speeding ticket or other traffic violation will affect your insurance rates for 3 years. To illustrate how much one ticket can affect your insurance costs, consider the following example. If you receive a speeding ticket in New Jersey for 4 points, your yearly insurance cost will increase by $600 and the ticket will stay on your record for 3 years. This means that you are paying an extra $1800 for one speeding ticket!

How much of a discount will my auto insurance company provide for taking traffic school?

Every vehicle insurance company is different but on average companies offer between 5% 15% off your insurance premium. This can be a significant yearly discount and save you lots of money.

Got a ticket? Dismiss your traffic citation and lower your insurance rates