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Guide to Driver Education

Learn more about driver's ed.

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Driver's Ed is an important step in any new drivers' path to becoming a safe driver and getting a learner's permit and driver's license. Driver's education prepares new drivers to understand driving and traffic laws, how to navigate various driving conditions, and how to stay safe and accident free on the road. Keep reading below to understand more about driver's ed.

What is Driver's Education?

Driver's Ed is a required step in most states for drivers to obtain a license. In most cases, it is a course offered online or in person that teaches new drivers the rules of the road and ensures they are ready to operate a vehicle safely. In many states it consists of a course that culminates in a written test, and in many cases needs to be accompanied by a driving test to complete the requirements to receive a license. In some states this will also require a certain number of driving hours with a licenses operator or driver's education instructor.

Where do you take Driver's Education?

Each state has different options and requirement for taking driver's education courses. In some states you can take driver's education online through a DMV approved driver's education provider which is a quick and convenient option for many people since it can be taken from home at your own pace and schedule. However, in some states you may have to take Driver's Ed in person either at a course offered at a public school, community college, or brick and mortar traffic school.

How do you sign up for Driver's Education?

The first step to sign up for a driver's education course is to understand your state's requirements for driver's education. Once you understand your state's requirements for driver's education, you will need to find a DMV approved course either through an online provider or a local provider in your area. When you enroll you will need to pay a fee for enrollment and in many states at the completion you will need to pass a written or online exam to show you have learned the driver's education course information.

What do you learn in Driver's Ed?

You will learn many important things in driver's education that will get you ready for the road. In most Driver's Ed programs you will learn about the traffic signs and signals, as well as safe driving techniques. In addition, you will learn the basic traffic laws for your state including important information about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the penalties for such behavior. You will also likely learn driving techniques for hazardous driving situations that will keep you safe and accident free. If you also need to complete driving hours as part of your driver's education, you will learn safe driving techniques with an instructor and get real practice on the road to ensure you know how to safely operate a vehicle.

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