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Mississippi Ticket Dismissal

Have a traffic violation or speeding ticket in Mississippi? Unfortunately, many of us receive a traffic ticket at one time or another in our lives. Learn how to use traffic school or defensive driving for Mississippi ticket dismissal so you can avoid the negative consequences of traffic tickets including points on your driving record and insurance rate increases.

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Traffic School in Mississippi and Mississippi's Traffic School Requirements

Ticket Dismissal in Mississippi

If you recently received a traffic ticket in Mississippi, ticket dismissal may be the best way for you to avoid expensive fines, costly insurance premium increases, and points on your Mississippi driving record. In fact, 96% of people are unaware that when you are given a traffic ticket, you have options other than to simply pay the fine and have your insurance rates increase for years to come. Learn your options for ticket dismissal.

Types of Ticket Dismissal

There are multiple reasons that a traffic ticket may be dismissed. The most common, most efficient, and without a doubt the easiest way to get your Mississippi traffic ticket dismissed, is to take a Traffic School course. Taking this class in Mississippi will in almost all cases allow you to dismiss your ticket and avoid insurance premium increases and points on your driving record. You may also be able to get a ticket dismissed by fighting it in court or writing to the District Attorney but your chances of getting the ticket dismissed are much less and you will spend a lot of time preparing for and attending court.

Benefits of Ticket Dismissal with Traffic School

There are many benefits for ticket dismissal using a Mississippi approved Traffic School course. First, and perhaps the most obvious, is to avoid the expensive fees, insurance rate increases, and points on your Mississippi driving record. However, in addition, when you use online Traffic School, you save time and money. Taking a Traffic School online will save you the time preparing for and attending court. And since the Traffic School class for ticket dismissal is online, you will not have to miss a day of work and can take the class at your own convenience. Not to mention, it is the only way to guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed.

How to Dismiss Your Ticket Using Traffic School in Mississippi

Get Court Permission

In order to use Traffic School to dismiss your ticket, you first need to ensure you have court permission to complete ticket dismissal using a Traffic School course. If you are unsure if you have court permission, call the court or visit the County Clerk and ask if you can take Traffic School for ticket dismissal. The court information will be located on the ticket itself.

Register for a Traffic School course for Ticket Dismissal

Find and register for a Mississippi approved Traffic School course. Recommendations are listed below. In many states this course can be completed online from the convenience of your home. Make sure to have your citation information with you when you register.

Complete the Course

Take the course and complete it in its entirety. In most states the Traffic School course will last between 4-8 hours, but can be taken at your leisure if you choose an online option and you can sign in and out as many times as you need to.

Pass the Final Exam if Needed

In some states, you may need to pass a final exam. With most Traffic School courses you will have more than one opportunity to pass the exam.

Send in Your Certificate of Completion

In some cases, you are required to personally bring your certificate of completion to the court, while in others the court may require the Traffic School program itself to send the certificate of completion directly. If this is the case, the Traffic School provider wll let you know during the sign up process.

Get the certificate of completion from your Traffic School course to the court and your ticket will be dismissed. You will avoid costly insurance increases and points on your driving record.

Recommended Ticket Dismissal Courses in Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a ticket dismissal court?

Registration for traffic school or defensive driving for ticket dismissal is simple. Just click the register now button, enter your court and ticket information, and your personal information and you are ready to get started. It's that simple.

How do I know if I am eligible for ticket dismissal?

The easiest way to know if you are eligible for ticket dismissal is to reach out to the court. This information will be located on the ticket itself, normally on the back. When you call the court, you will want to ask if you can take traffic school or defensive driving to remove the ticket from your record. In most states if you do not have a ticket for which you have taken traffic school or defensive driving in the past 12-24 months, you will be able to enroll.

Can I dismiss my traffic ticket if I have other tickets already?

It depends on the state and/or county you are from and their specific rules. In many states you will not be allowed to take traffic school for ticket dismissal if you have used it in the last 12-24 months. However, since the laws differ in each state, make sure to check with the court.

What do I need to sign up for a traffic school course for ticket dismissal?

In order to sign up for traffic school for ticket dismissal, the first and most important thing you need is court permission. Once you have court approval, then all you will need to sign up is your ticket and court information, personal information, and payment information. It will be helpful to be aware of your due date when you register so you can choose the best shipping method.

How do I contact the court to ask for ticket dismissal for my traffic violation?

Normally the court information is located on the ticket itself, most often on the back. Follow the instructions provided on the ticket for reaching out to the court about traffic school. In some states it may be as simple as a phone call while in others you will have to make a court appearance.

What are the benefits of taking traffic school for ticket dismissal?

There are many benefits of taking traffic school for ticket dismissal. First and foremost, in most states the ticket will not appear on your driving record and consequently you will not experience increases to your monthly insurance premiums. In addition, you will learn invaluable information about how to be a safer driver that will help you steer clear of accidents and tickets in the future.

What is ticket dismissal?

Ticket dismissal is when a person is allowed to take a traffic school or defensive driving course so that the traffic ticket doesn't appear on their driving record and affect their insurance rates. Once you successfully complete the traffic school course, your traffic ticket will be dismissed and no longer appear on your record

When will my ticket be dismissed and removed from my record?

When the court gives you permission to take traffic school, the ticket will be dismissed as long as you complete the course on time and deliver the certificate of completion to the court. If you do this correctly and on time in most states, the ticket will actually never appear on your record.

How long do the courses last to dismiss a ticket online?

It really depends on your state and their specific requirements for ticket dismissal. With that said though, a traffic school class will last between 4-8 hours. Many people are able to complete these courses more quickly when they take them online.

How much does ticket dismissal cost?

The cost of a traffic school or defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket varies from state to state and from course to course. The price can vary from $10-$150 in most states. You can find out the specific price of ticket dismissal programs in your area by clicking the register now button and finding the course you need.

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