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Traffic School Online Discount Code

Get $2 Off Your Online Course

Traffic School Discount Code

Taking traffic school online is a great way to save money. Get your ticket dismissed, avoid points on your record, or just get a discount on your car insurance policy. Want to save even more money? Use this discount code to save even more.

Enter the following referral code during registration to recieve $2 of your course. Whether you choose to take a course to dismiss a ticket you might have recieved for speeding, failure to stop at a red light, making an ilegal turn, or simply to reduce your insurance premiums, this course will work for you.

Copy the code and make sure you enter it during registration. Click here to register now.

Traffic School Online Discount Code

Texas Drivers: Click here to register for Texas Defensive Driving. Use the same referral code for a discount.

Benefits of Taking Traffic School or Defensive Driving Online

  • Avoid points on your driving record after getting a speeding or traffic ticket
  • Save money on your monthly car insurance premium with an Insurance Discount program
  • Avoid increases in car insurance premiums after getting a ticket
  • Take the course from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule
  • Become a better driver by learning the rules of the road and safe driving techniques
Got a ticket? Dismiss your traffic citation and lower your insurance rates