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Alaska Defensive Driving and Alaska Traffic School

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Traffic School

In the state of Alaska, traffic school is more commonly called defensive driving and can be a great option to avoid expensive insurance rate hikes and points on your record if you are pulled over and get a ticket.  By completing a state approved Alaska defensive driving course the points no longer show up on your record and you avoid many of the negative consequences of getting a ticket.  To better understand the benefits of taking Alaska defensive driving, let’s look at an example.  We will call our driver David.

Alaska defensive drivingDavid was running late for work and speeding on a local Alaska highway.  Unfortunately, as happens all too often, David quickly saw a police car in his rear view mirror and was pulled over for speeding.  He was given a speeding ticket for driving 9 miles over the speed limit which is a 2 point offense in Alaska.  In addition to the 4 points on his driving record, the ticket itself carries a fine of $200.

When David gets home from work that day, he reads the speeding ticket to find out more about what he can do.  The ticket lays out three options.  First he can simply pay the ticket and mail in the fine plus any additional court fees.  He finds out these usually cost about $100.  Second, he can fight the ticket in court and try to have it completely dismissed.  Third, he can take an Alaska defensive driving course and have 2 points removed from his record for completing the course and passing the final exam.

Being a financially responsible guy, David decides he is going to weigh his three options based on how much they cost and how they will affect him in the long run.  Here is what David learns:

Option 1:  Pay the Ticket, Total Cost: $1500

Looking at the easiest option to just pay the ticket, David knows that the ticket itself costs $200 and there is another $100 in court fees, so that’s $300 total.  In addition, David found out that his insurance company will increase his rates by 20% for the additional 2 points on his driving record.  The points will be on his record for 5 years.  Since David’s auto insurance policy costs $100 a month, that means if he just pays the ticket, his premiums will increase to $120 a month for the next five years.  So that’s an extra $20 monthly for 60 months, or 5 years, which totals an additional cost of $1200 if he just pays the ticket.  That means the total cost for the ticket is $1500.

Option 2:  Fight the Ticket in Court, Total Cost: Nothing or $1500

David’s second option is to fight the ticket in court.  He has heard that many people win when they fight their tickets but he knows just as many people who have lost.  If he fights his ticket and wins, it will cost him absolutely nothing.  But if he doesn’t win, it will cost him $1500 and there will no longer be an option for defensive driving.  David is pretty risk averse, so this isn’t really an option for him.

Option 3:  Take Alaska Defensive Driving, Total Cost:  $324.95

If David takes an Alaska defensive driving course, David will still need to pay the $300 fine but can have the two points removed from his record thus avoiding any insurance premium increases.  The course costs $24.95 so the total cost if David takes Alaska defensive driving is $324.95, the cheapest option by far.  David decides that this is the best option for him.


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