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Arizona Defensive Driving and Arizona Traffic School

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by Traffic School

Taking an Arizona defensive driving course online can be a very beneficial way to keep your driving record clean and avoid expensive increases to your car insurance rates, as well as dismiss your ticket.  According to the Arizona courts, you can only take Arizona defensive driving if:

  • Within the past 24 months (2 years) you have not attended defensive driving for a traffic ticket
  • Your traffic ticket/citation is on the eligible list of violations
  • Your citation must be on the list of eligible violations.
  • The defensive driving course can only be taken for ONE violation
  • You can not take defensive driving if you were involved in an accident that caused major injury or death
  • You can not take defensive driving if you have a commercial license, even if you weren’t driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the ticket
  • If you are not an Arizona resident, you must obtain permission from the court to take Arizona defensive driving at an approved online or out of state venue and complete the course 7 days prior to your court date

In addition to meeting the requirements set out by the state of Arizona for taking a defensive driving course, when signing up for the course, you will need to pay the fee for the course in addition to a court diversion fee, Arizona Supreme Court Fee, Arizona State Surcharge Fee, and Identity Verification Fee.  This fees are all set by the state government and although they may seem like a lot, they are still much cheaper than the insurance impact of a traffic ticket. These fines can range quite a bit between counties but on average add about $200 to the cost of defensive driving. The defensive driving course along is usually about $22.


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