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Arkansas Traffic School

Posted on: March 16th, 2012 by Traffic School

No one wants to get a ticket, but unfortunately sometimes it just happens. We are late for work, in a rush, or don’t see a posted sign. Whatever the reason when you get a ticket in Arkansas taking traffic school is a great alternative to simply paying the fine. Moreover, it saves you substantial money since the ticket impacts your driving record and insurance rates for years to come.

Many people do not fully understand just how one little ticket can cost you thousands over the years and the true savings you get when you take Arkansas traffic school.  To help illustrate just how much money taking Arkansas traffic school saves you, let’s look at an example.  Meet Julie.

Julie is a nurse in Arkansas and unfortunately was pulled over for making an illegal left turn on her way to work.  She was in a rush and just completely forgot that she wasn’t allowed to turn on that street.  In Arkansas this is a three point offense, which means that 3 points will be added to her driving record for this ticket if she doesn’t take traffic school.  In addition, the ticket itself was for $150 and there are court fees of another $150.  As a nurse, Julie is very busy, so she wants to fully understand her options before deciding if it is worth it to take traffic school online.

For auto insurance, Julie has a full coverage policy on her car which costs $100 monthly.  According to national statistics her auto insurance premiums will increase by 20% for the first ticket, 35% for the second ticket, and 50% for the third ticket.  The points will stay on her record for five years

Option 1:  Pay the Ticket, Total Cost: $300 for ticket, $1200 in insurance rate increases = $1500

Julie’s initial instinct is just to pay the ticket because she doesn’t want to spend the time taking Arkansas traffic school.  She is worried about how long it will take and is already very busy.  After doing some research about her ticket and calling her insurance company to find out about rates, she learns that in addition to the fine, her $100 insurance premiums will increase to $120 monthly if she doesn’t take traffic school.  Since the ticket stays on her record for five years, that means that she will pay an extra $240 annually in insurance costs for the next five years.  That means an extra $1200!  After finding that out, Julie thinks twice about attending Arkansas traffic school.

Option 2:  Take Arkansas Traffic School, Total Cost:  $300 for ticket, $40 for traffic school = $450

After doing some research, Julie learns that she can take Arkansas traffic school online for $40 and it will ensure that no points are added to her driving record.  The course can be taken entirely online and she can sign in and out as she pleases.  This is great for Julie because with her buys schedule she doesn’t need to spend time driving to a school and spending hours in a classroom.  It also means she can devote a little time each day to taking Arkansas traffic school and be done before she knows it.  Not to mention that she will save over $1000!!



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