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Georgia Traffic School

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Traffic School

Given how much all of us drive it isn’t a surprise that most people get a traffic ticket or speeding ticket at some point or another. It could be for any number of things, but either way it leaves us with an expensive ticket and decision about how to move forward. Although over 90% of people just pay their ticket and don’t look back, there are actually better options for you in most cases that will save you lots of money in the long run. To better understand the options, let’s use an example. For our example we will assume that our driver has just gotten their first speeding ticket with a fine of $250 and pays $120 monthly for their car insurance.

First Option: Just Pay the Speeding Ticket, $1765

The option may people take when they get a speeding ticket in Georgia, especially if it is there first one, is to just pay the ticket. However, what many people don’t realize is that they will face far more expensive consequences than just the ticket itself. First of all, most county courts add processing fees to the ticket that add about $75 to the total cost. Furthermore, car insurance rates increase when points are added to your driving record. In this case since it is the first ticket, her car insurance rates will go up by about 20%. That increased rate will be in effect for five years, which is how long the ticket stays on her record. That means an extra $1440 in insurance costs plus the $250 ticket and $75 in court fees, making a grand total of $1765 for just one speeding ticket.

Second Option: Take Georgia Online Traffic School, $360

The second option that should be considered is taking Georgia traffic school online. Taking a traffic school course online makes sure that points are not added to your driving record. This means that car insurance rates do not get more expensive. Depending on your ticket, taking traffic school may also lessen the fine or eliminate the court processing fees.

Third Option: Fight Your Ticket in Court, $0 or $1765

The last option when dealing with a Georgia ticket is to fight the ticket in court. The benefits are high if you win since you will not have to pay the fine or any insurance rate hikes. However, in most situations if you do not win, you lose the chance to take traffic school and will have to pay higher insurance rates. It is a risk that some people are willing to take, but many choose traffic school since it is a safer bet.

Delaware Defensive Driving

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by Traffic School


No one wants to get a speeding ticket or traffic ticket and have to deal with expensive fines and points on their Delaware driving record. Unfortunately, it happens to most of us at one time or another and many of us mistakenly think that paying the ticket and accepting the increases to our insurance premiums is the only option. Luckily there is another option out there that can save you time and money – Delaware Defensive Driving courses online.

To better understand the benefits of taking a Delaware Defensive Driving course, let’s look at an example for a typical Delaware driver who just got his first ticket. Let’s call him Dan. Dan also has a car insurance policy in Delaware that costs him $100/monthly. Dan’s ticket was for $250 and he found out when went to pay it online that there was an additional $50 in court fees for the ticket bringing the total to $300. Now let’s look at each of Dan’s option for taking care of the ticket and how much it will cost him in the long run.

Option 1: Take a Delaware Defensive Driving Course Online, Total Cost: $400

The first option people should consider is taking a Delaware Defensive Driving course online to avoid having points added to your driving record. In most cases you will still have to pay the cost of the ticket and court fees, in this case $300, plus another $100 for the Delaware Defensive Driving course. The course can be taken 100% online and you can take it from the comfort of your own home at your own time. In some cases the court will reduce or eliminate the fine if you tell them you will be taking defensive driving in Delaware.Sign up for Delaware defensive driving.

Option 2: Just Pay the Ticket, Total Cost: $1500

Your second option is just to pay the speeding ticket and not take Delaware Defensive Driving. If Dan decides to do that he will need to pay the $300 for the speeding ticket and he will also have points added to his Delaware driving record. Those points will cause his insurance premiums to go up. On average your first ticket increases your insurance premiums by 20%, meaning Dan’s monthly payment will go from $100 to $120. He will have to pay the more expensive premium for 5 years until the ticket is removed from his record. Paying $20 a month extra for the next five years will cost Dan an extra $1200 for getting just one speeding ticket. That combined with the ticket costs, is a total cost of $1500.

Option 3: Fight the Ticket in Court, Total Cost: $0 If He wins, $1500 If He Loses

Dan’s final option is to fight the speeding ticket in court. If he goes to court and wins, it will cost Dan nothing for his speeding ticket. However if he loses he will have to pay the ticket and the insurance rate increases.

As a fairly practical person, Dan decided in the end to take Delaware defensive driving and avoid the points on his driving record and very expensive insurance rate increases.

California Traffic School

Posted on: March 19th, 2012 by Traffic School

For many California drivers at one time or another they unfortunately get a ticket and need to take California traffic school.  Taking California online traffic school has many benefits and can help you ensure that you do not waste thousands of dollars paying for a speeding or traffic ticket for years to come.  Yes thousands.  How can it be thousands of dollars for just one ticket you may be wondering, well let’s look at how just one ticket affects your insurance costs and how taking online California traffic school can fix all that and save you thousands.  Meet Edward.

Edward had a clean driving record until one day he was in a rush to meet his girlfriend and was pulled over for driving 9 mph over the speeding ticket.  He was given a $200 speeding ticket and the officer told him he could also take traffic school instead of getting points on his record.  In California, his speeding ticket was a 1 point offense.  He also currently has a $100 car insurance policy.  According to state law this ticket will stay on his record for 5 years.

Edward called the court and found out it would cost him $200 for the speeding ticket plus an extra $150 dollars in court fees.  He would have to pay this regardless of whether or not he took California traffic school.  Finding out he still had to pay for the ticket no matter even if he took traffic school, his first response was to just pay it.  That was until he found out how it would impact his insurance cost.

Edward’s insurance company raises rates 20% for having an additional point on your driving record.  For Edward that means an extra $20 monthly for his car insurance.  That may not seem too bad, but he will have to pay that $20 extra for the next 5 years until the ticket disappears off his record.  That means an $1200 in insurance costs for that one ticket.

His other option, take traffic school online for $20 and not have the speeding ticket appear on his record.  That saves him $1180!

Now let’s remember that if Edward doesn’t take California traffic school, the ticket will stay on his record for 5 years.  What will happen if he gets another ticket?  For Edward that would bring about another more expensive insurance premium.  On average, care insurance rates increase by 35% for your second offense.  For Edward, that would mean his $120 rate (after his first ticket) would increase to $162 for the next five years.  Or he could just take California traffic school for $20 instead and save all of that money.

Alaska Defensive Driving and Alaska Traffic School

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Traffic School

In the state of Alaska, traffic school is more commonly called defensive driving and can be a great option to avoid expensive insurance rate hikes and points on your record if you are pulled over and get a ticket.  By completing a state approved Alaska defensive driving course the points no longer show up on your record and you avoid many of the negative consequences of getting a ticket.  To better understand the benefits of taking Alaska defensive driving, let’s look at an example.  We will call our driver David.

Alaska defensive drivingDavid was running late for work and speeding on a local Alaska highway.  Unfortunately, as happens all too often, David quickly saw a police car in his rear view mirror and was pulled over for speeding.  He was given a speeding ticket for driving 9 miles over the speed limit which is a 2 point offense in Alaska.  In addition to the 4 points on his driving record, the ticket itself carries a fine of $200.

When David gets home from work that day, he reads the speeding ticket to find out more about what he can do.  The ticket lays out three options.  First he can simply pay the ticket and mail in the fine plus any additional court fees.  He finds out these usually cost about $100.  Second, he can fight the ticket in court and try to have it completely dismissed.  Third, he can take an Alaska defensive driving course and have 2 points removed from his record for completing the course and passing the final exam.

Being a financially responsible guy, David decides he is going to weigh his three options based on how much they cost and how they will affect him in the long run.  Here is what David learns:

Option 1:  Pay the Ticket, Total Cost: $1500

Looking at the easiest option to just pay the ticket, David knows that the ticket itself costs $200 and there is another $100 in court fees, so that’s $300 total.  In addition, David found out that his insurance company will increase his rates by 20% for the additional 2 points on his driving record.  The points will be on his record for 5 years.  Since David’s auto insurance policy costs $100 a month, that means if he just pays the ticket, his premiums will increase to $120 a month for the next five years.  So that’s an extra $20 monthly for 60 months, or 5 years, which totals an additional cost of $1200 if he just pays the ticket.  That means the total cost for the ticket is $1500.

Option 2:  Fight the Ticket in Court, Total Cost: Nothing or $1500

David’s second option is to fight the ticket in court.  He has heard that many people win when they fight their tickets but he knows just as many people who have lost.  If he fights his ticket and wins, it will cost him absolutely nothing.  But if he doesn’t win, it will cost him $1500 and there will no longer be an option for defensive driving.  David is pretty risk averse, so this isn’t really an option for him.

Option 3:  Take Alaska Defensive Driving, Total Cost:  $324.95

If David takes an Alaska defensive driving course, David will still need to pay the $300 fine but can have the two points removed from his record thus avoiding any insurance premium increases.  The course costs $24.95 so the total cost if David takes Alaska defensive driving is $324.95, the cheapest option by far.  David decides that this is the best option for him.

Traffic School for Dummies

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Traffic School

Most people who have to take traffic school to dismiss a ticket or to fulfill a court order are looking for the easiest traffic school course out there, or a traffic school for dummies course.  Our online traffic school course can fulfill all your needs to a traffic school for dummies course and is the most affordable classes out there.  In the online traffic school course you will be walked through the important information you need, as well as take fun and easy quizzes along the way to make sure you are prepared for the final exam.  The course contains fun and interactive games and almost all of our students pass the final exam on their first try.  Although you are probably not a dummy, our traffic school course would meet any needs for a traffic school for dummies.

Traffic School Final Exam Answers

Posted on: November 28th, 2011 by Traffic School

Have you ever taken a final exam in a class and felt like everything in the exam was completely new and stuff you had never heard of?  Well that can also happen a lot in traditional traffic school course where it is easy to doze off and even fall asleep.  However, if you take traffic school online you never have to worry about getting the traffic school final exam answers because you will know them from the course.  Throughout the engaging course there are quizzes that make sure you are prepared.  Moreover, you can take the online traffic school final exam as many times as you need to!  This means you will definitely pass and most people who use our course pass on their very first try.

Defensive Driving Academy

Posted on: November 23rd, 2011 by Traffic School

Taking a defensive driving academy course in your state can be beneficial for many reasons.  First and foremost, in most states if you recently received a ticket, one of the defensive driving academy courses we offer can help you to dismiss your traffic ticket and avoid getting points on your record.  Furthermore, it will ensure that your car insurance prices do not rise.  Also, a defensive driving academy course can be a great way for anyone to practice safe driving skills, especially teens or new drivers.  There are unfortunately a lot of crazy people on the roads and being a defensive driver prevents accidents and injuries.  Attend an online defensive driving academy course and learn new techniques to stay safe on the road way.  The price is extremely low for that kind of piece of mind.