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Colorado Traffic School

Posted on: March 21st, 2012 by Traffic School

online-traffic-schoolFor most of us at one time or another we see flashing blue lights in our rear view mirror, our stomachs drop, and a few minutes later we are holding a Colorado traffic ticket.  It happens to most people at some time or another, but too many people don’t fully understand all of their options for dealing with a traffic ticket and Colorado traffic school.  Knowing the options you have in front of you after getting a ticket, as well as the financial implication of each decision will help you make a wise decision about how to proceed.

To understand the options in front of you, let’s use an example.  Meet Jenny.  Jenny lives in Colorado and has a monthly auto insurance bill of $150 for her car.  Recently Jenny was pulled over for speeding and given a ticket for $250, plus another $150 in court costs.  She knows that means that points will also be added to her Colorado driving record.  Based on national averages, Jenny knows that her car insurance rate will increase by 20% for the first ticket she gets.  Also in Colorado the points and ticket will stay on her record for 5 years.

Option 1:  Pay the Colorado Ticket, Total Cost:  $2200

If Jenny just decides to pay her ticket without taking Colorado traffic school, her total cost for the ticket will be $2200.  How can one ticket cost $2200?  Let’s break it down.  First let’s take into account the ticket itself, which cost $250 plus $150 in court fees for a total of $400.  In addition Jenny’s car insurance rate is going to increase by 20% for her first ticket, which pushes her rate from $150 to $180, or an extra $30 monthly.  She will have to pay that extra $30 monthly for the next five years until the ticket disappears from her record.  Over the five years(60 months), Jenny will pay a total of $1800 more for her speeding ticket in insurance costs.  This brings the grand total to $2200.

Option 2:  Take Colorado Traffic School, Total Cost:  $430

Jenny’s second option is to take online Colorado traffic school, which normally takes most people between 4-6 hours.  The cost of the Colorado traffic school starts at $29.99. It can be taken entirely online and you can sign in and out as often as you like. In addition to paying for online traffic school in Colorado so the ticket doesn’t show up on her record, Jenny still has to pay the $400 in ticket fines. However, this is much less expensive than the $2200 she would spend paying for expensive insurance for the next five years. Sign up for Colorado traffic school

Option 3:  Fight the Ticket in Court, $0 or $2200

The third and riskiest option is to fight the ticket in court. If you fight your ticket in Colorado and win, then you will have no costs at all since the ticket is completely dismissed. However if you lose when you fight your Colorado ticketyou will have to pay the ticket and the car insurance costs. Remember to also take in account the time it would take time and likely a day off of work to fight your ticket in court. That cost should also be factored in.


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