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Delaware Defensive Driving

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by Traffic School


No one wants to get a speeding ticket or traffic ticket and have to deal with expensive fines and points on their Delaware driving record. Unfortunately, it happens to most of us at one time or another and many of us mistakenly think that paying the ticket and accepting the increases to our insurance premiums is the only option. Luckily there is another option out there that can save you time and money – Delaware Defensive Driving courses online.

To better understand the benefits of taking a Delaware Defensive Driving course, let’s look at an example for a typical Delaware driver who just got his first ticket. Let’s call him Dan. Dan also has a car insurance policy in Delaware that costs him $100/monthly. Dan’s ticket was for $250 and he found out when went to pay it online that there was an additional $50 in court fees for the ticket bringing the total to $300. Now let’s look at each of Dan’s option for taking care of the ticket and how much it will cost him in the long run.

Option 1: Take a Delaware Defensive Driving Course Online, Total Cost: $400

The first option people should consider is taking a Delaware Defensive Driving course online to avoid having points added to your driving record. In most cases you will still have to pay the cost of the ticket and court fees, in this case $300, plus another $100 for the Delaware Defensive Driving course. The course can be taken 100% online and you can take it from the comfort of your own home at your own time. In some cases the court will reduce or eliminate the fine if you tell them you will be taking defensive driving in Delaware.Sign up for Delaware defensive driving.

Option 2: Just Pay the Ticket, Total Cost: $1500

Your second option is just to pay the speeding ticket and not take Delaware Defensive Driving. If Dan decides to do that he will need to pay the $300 for the speeding ticket and he will also have points added to his Delaware driving record. Those points will cause his insurance premiums to go up. On average your first ticket increases your insurance premiums by 20%, meaning Dan’s monthly payment will go from $100 to $120. He will have to pay the more expensive premium for 5 years until the ticket is removed from his record. Paying $20 a month extra for the next five years will cost Dan an extra $1200 for getting just one speeding ticket. That combined with the ticket costs, is a total cost of $1500.

Option 3: Fight the Ticket in Court, Total Cost: $0 If He wins, $1500 If He Loses

Dan’s final option is to fight the speeding ticket in court. If he goes to court and wins, it will cost Dan nothing for his speeding ticket. However if he loses he will have to pay the ticket and the insurance rate increases.

As a fairly practical person, Dan decided in the end to take Delaware defensive driving and avoid the points on his driving record and very expensive insurance rate increases.


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