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Georgia Traffic School

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Traffic School

Given how much all of us drive it isn’t a surprise that most people get a traffic ticket or speeding ticket at some point or another. It could be for any number of things, but either way it leaves us with an expensive ticket and decision about how to move forward. Although over 90% of people just pay their ticket and don’t look back, there are actually better options for you in most cases that will save you lots of money in the long run. To better understand the options, let’s use an example. For our example we will assume that our driver has just gotten their first speeding ticket with a fine of $250 and pays $120 monthly for their car insurance.

First Option: Just Pay the Speeding Ticket, $1765

The option may people take when they get a speeding ticket in Georgia, especially if it is there first one, is to just pay the ticket. However, what many people don’t realize is that they will face far more expensive consequences than just the ticket itself. First of all, most county courts add processing fees to the ticket that add about $75 to the total cost. Furthermore, car insurance rates increase when points are added to your driving record. In this case since it is the first ticket, her car insurance rates will go up by about 20%. That increased rate will be in effect for five years, which is how long the ticket stays on her record. That means an extra $1440 in insurance costs plus the $250 ticket and $75 in court fees, making a grand total of $1765 for just one speeding ticket.

Second Option: Take Georgia Online Traffic School, $360

The second option that should be considered is taking Georgia traffic school online. Taking a traffic school course online makes sure that points are not added to your driving record. This means that car insurance rates do not get more expensive. Depending on your ticket, taking traffic school may also lessen the fine or eliminate the court processing fees.

Third Option: Fight Your Ticket in Court, $0 or $1765

The last option when dealing with a Georgia ticket is to fight the ticket in court. The benefits are high if you win since you will not have to pay the fine or any insurance rate hikes. However, in most situations if you do not win, you lose the chance to take traffic school and will have to pay higher insurance rates. It is a risk that some people are willing to take, but many choose traffic school since it is a safer bet.


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