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Online Traffic School

Posted on: March 5th, 2012 by Traffic School

online-traffic-schoolAfter getting a traffic ticket, many people find themselves facing the question of whether or not it is worth it to take a traffic school course.  On one hand taking an online traffic school course will help you avoid costly points on your driving record and increases to your monthly auto insurance premiums, but on the other hand, it takes time to take an online traffic school course.

To help you determine whether or not it is worth it to take online traffic school for your traffic ticket, let’s look at the financial costs of not doing so.  We will imagine it is your first ticket and you live in a state where a ticket stays on your record for five years.

Five Year Cost of a Traffic Ticket Without Traffic School:  $1515

You are pulled over for speeding on the highway and are given a speeding ticket for $200.  You decide you are just going to pay the speeding ticket and when you go to the court to pay it, you find out there are an additional $115 for processing, administration, and court fees, which is typical in just about every state.  So at this point, you have spent $315 total on the speeding ticket.  Additionally when you get the speeding ticket, your auto insurance company finds out the points have increased on your driving record.  Since it is your first ticket, they increase your insurance rates by 20%, which is the national average.  Let’s imagine you were paying $100 for car insurance, so now you are paying $20 extra every month.  You will pay this increased premium for five years since the ticket stays on your record for five years.  That means an additional $1200.

So how much did the traffic ticket really cost you?  It will cost you a total of $1515 if you simply pay the traffic ticket.

Five Year Cost of a Traffic Ticket With Online Traffic School:  $355 and 4-8 hours of time

Now let’s imagine that when you get the speeding ticket and instead of just paying it, you decide you are going to take online traffic school.  Unfortunately in your state you still have to pay for the speeding ticket and court fees which total $315.  (In some states fines are reduced if you take online traffic school)  In addition to that, you sign up for online traffic school and it costs $40. Since you took the online traffic school course you did not have any points added to your record and your car insurance rates stayed the same.

So how much did the traffic ticket cost you with online traffic school?  It cost a total of $355 plus 4-8 hours of time depending on how long the course takes you to finish.  Even if it took you 8 hours to finish the course, you would need to about $150/hour to justify that cost.

Moreover, since you can take online traffic school at your own convenience and sign in and out as you please, you can literally sit on your couch and finish it.  Saving that much money, over $1100, for taking a simple online traffic school course is a no brainer.  Sign up for online traffic school. 


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