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What Can I Do If My Insurance Premium Increases

Posted on: September 24th, 2011 by Traffic School

Did you recently get a traffic ticket or have your insurance premium increase? Insurance premiums can increase for many reasons.  The most common is getting a traffic citation.  Many people don’t know that getting just one ticket can increase your insurance premium by as much as 20% in many states. Additionally, your auto insurance premiums may increase if you move, get a different car, change your policy, or even change jobs.  Luckily there are some things you can do when this happens to lower your insurance cost.

  1. Take a Traffic School or Defensive Driving Course:  One of the fastest and easiest way to lower your insurance premiums is to take a traffic school or defensive driving course.  You can take one of these courses whether you received a ticket or just for insurance reduction.  If you take the course to dismiss your ticket, then you won’t experience the rate increase that likely would have occurred.  If you take it for insurance reduction, you can get between a 15%-25% discount with most insurance companies.   Most of these courses cost around $30, take about 4 hours, and can save you about $200 annually if you have one ticket on your record.
  2. Shop Around for New Auto Insurance Policies:  With online auto insurance quotes it is extremely easy to compare insurance companies, policies, and rates.  First figure out what kind of coverage you need and then get between 3-5 online auto insurance quotes.  You may be able to find a cheaper plan for the auto insurance coverage you need.
  3. Ask for a Higher Deductible:  One last way to lower your insurance premiums is to ask to raise your deductible.  However, it is important to weight the pros and cons of doing this.  If you do get into an accident, you will need to pay the deductible before the insurance will kick in.  That means you should only raise your deductible if you have that money and are willing to take the extra risk.

Likely the easiest and least risky choice is to take an online traffic school, defensive driving, or insurance reduction course.  Although it does take some time to complete the course, it ensure that you are not taking on any additional risk.


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